Top 2017 Kitchen Remodel Trends for your Anchorage Home

While a kitchen remodeling project is a big commitment, the first part of the year is a superb time to tackle it in Anchorage when it is still too cold to break ground outside. As you are planning and working with your remodeling specialist on your kitchen project, here are some 2017 trends you will love.

Functionality in the Kitchen

There are all kinds of fun new automated trends for your kitchen. Blum is making a cabinet door that folds up and out of the way with just the touch of a button! It’s ideal for those upper cabinet doors. Other fun options available include sensor-activated lights that come on when you enter the kitchen and turn off when there is no more movement for a set period. Hands-free faucets aren’t new, but they are becoming more and more popular and are a great addition to any kitchen.

Would You Believe Gray is the new White?

White cabinets have won the popularity contest and are consistently the most ordered cabinets according to manufacturers. But interior designs say that gray is on track to take over white’s spot at the top. You can combine a soft gray cabinet with warmer wood tones in the floor to keep your kitchen from feeling too cold.

Black and White Kitchens are Classic

Some trends never go out of style, and the black and white kitchen is a good example. It is classic enough to withstand the decades. Designers say the contrast is what is so striking and keeps it at the top. Black and white kitchens can also create a balance between modern and country styles as seen in this example from IKEA.

Image Courtesy of IKEA

Image Courtesy of IKEA

Bright & Bold Sinks?

Yes, people are trending away from old standby of stainless steel or white and are going instead for colorful sinks. Using the eye-catching, saturated color of the sink as the accent in a neutral kitchen is a beautiful design feature. You could make it even more of a focal point by tying it into the backsplash.

New Options and Colors for Quartz

Countertop options are dramatically expanding, and homeowners are enjoying the wide variety of choices available to them. Quartz will be a popular choice in 2017 especially as more colors continue to be released. Check out our blog on countertops for more information on the benefits of using quartz.

Mix it up with the Hardware!

Consistency used to be key. If you went white for appliances, you stuck with white and the same with stainless steel. Expect to see that change in 2017. More and more homeowners are installing both appliances and accessories in a variety of finishes including gold, copper, and even pewter.