Get your Kitchen in Tip-Top Shape

At Alborn, we’re no stranger to kitchen remodels and we recognize the kitchen as an important place in anyone’s home. Whether it’s where your family comes together to make a meal, or just where you microwave your popcorn, having a bright, comfortable kitchen adds serious appeal and comfort to your home. But, sometimes our kitchens aren’t quite as picturesque as we’d like. So, if you’re not quite ready to do a remodel but still want to spruce things up a bit here are some simple things you can do for yourself to get your kitchen in tip-top shape.

Light it up!

It’s amazing the difference that lighting can make in any room and the kitchen is no exception. When it comes to improving your kitchen lighting, solutions can be as easy as switching your bulbs to LEDs or changing up your fixtures. Whether you’re going for bright and fun or warm and cozy, your desired look can inform your lighting choices. But, no matter your preference, changing up your lighting scheme can have a noticeable impact.

modern and comfortable kitchen

Brighten your cabinets

If you’ve got dark, dated cabinets, a little sanding, and some bright colors can be a hugely effective way to add some life and some color in your kitchen. Top it off with some fun knobs and fixtures, and you’ve got a bright, winning combo.

Get organized

Nothing puts a damper on your kitchen’s look like clutter. Toasters, mixers, and other kitchen tools should have their space where they live when not being used. If space and storage is an issue, opt for new shelving or another type of wall storage to keep your tools off the counters and in their own space.

Add a portable island

Not all homes come with that beautiful spacious island in the kitchen. For those with smaller kitchen or spaces not conducive to kitchen islands that are centerpieces all on their own, we recommend the portable island option. With the right island, your space instantly becomes more functional and modern.

Add a backsplash

Few things do more to add a lovely, custom element to your kitchen—and there’s a wealth of DIY resources on the world wide web, but we like this video in particular. Consider the current color scheme in your kitchen and choose complimentary colors to add a nicely integrated touch to your kitchen.

We hope you found these suggestions helpful. When it comes time to make some more permanent changes, be sure to get in touch with Alborn today . We’ll get you a free estimate and work toward making your vision a reality!