Best Colors for Your Tiny Bathroom Remodel in Anchorage, Alaska

During the winter, many of us in Anchorage, Alaska start to turn our eyes inward and look for projects we can tackle inside our homes. Renovating that smaller guest bathroom or the powder room is a great remodeling project. Color is one of the most compelling parts of the project since it has such a strong psychological effect on our happiness.

Here are some color tips and ideas especially for the smaller bathrooms in your house.

Lighter Colors Create Space

Light and bright colors give the optical illusion of more space because they are reflective and make space feel more open and airy. One of the most common “bright and light” colors people tend to use is white, which makes sense, but it is not your only option. If you do use white, choose one with pink, peach, or yellow undertones, which lend it some warmth. The right yellow is also an excellent choice since it reminds us of sunshine. There is a broad range of yellows available, but in a small space be careful not to go too bright. Very bright and saturated colors will make the room seem smaller. Instead, go with buttercream or pale Venetian gold, and choose lighter shades of the colors for the best effect.

Stick with the Same Tone

You don’t have to have a bathroom with the same color all the way through, but sticking with the same tones will give the eye continuity and not have any harsh breaks between walls and floors. For example, don’t go with light walls and then a dark tile floor. Keeping a smooth transition between walls, title, and ceiling gives the illusion of a larger, continuous space. In smaller areas, avoid painting the ceiling a darker color, it will make the ceiling seem low and intrusive. In fact, in a small bathroom remodel, you want to stick with the same color on the ceiling and the walls to achieve the larger than life illusion in your small space.

Vertical Stipes Add Height

If your bathroom remodeling project still leaves you with short ceilings, vertical stripes give rooms a great illusion of height. They will guide your visitors’ eyes up and around the room, which will make space feel larger than it is. It’s important to paint stripes in the same color palette as the rest of the bathroom. Go one shade lighter, so the contrast isn’t jarring but elegant and smooth.