Anchorage Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2017

Winter solstice is behind us so not only do we have a new year to look forward to, but the days are getting longer too. With the new year, you may be considering a bathroom remodel project. If you are, here are some great 2017 trends to consider.

Bathrooms are Returning to Nature

One of the most consistent trends for bathrooms is the return to the natural, raw, functional, and the organic. This trend is affecting colors, materials, finishes, and more. So keep nature in mind when planning everything from flooring to surrounds, and finishes. The look that seems to be most popular is the spa look, think relaxation and rejuvenation.

Industrial Chic Balances Natural Look

Creating an appropriate balance to the rustic, natural look is the industrial trends of rough or silky smooth concrete and exposed piping. Since this look can be cold and harsh, it is a perfect combo to put with wood and other natural fibers. The sternness of the industrial look is balanced out well with the coziness of natural textures.

Brass Make a Strong Comeback

While metal has been a consistent trend for many years, expect to see the rise of matte or satin finishes moving forward. Brass, brushed stainless steel, and copper are all popular choices for 2017. Metals can be the focal point of your remodel project with a copper tub for instance, or you can keep them in a more secondary role and use metals for towel bars, shower rails or other accessories.

Naturals in Unique Ways

Wood and wood-like products have been popular, and we don’t expect that trend to go away anytime soon. With more and more manufactured products out there that look very much like wood but can withstand moisture better, it is an option where it would not have been before. Consider wood on the walls instead of just the floor.

Other natural products like natural stone or river rock are also rising in popularity. Use them in shower stalls, vanity tops, as a feature wall and so much more. You can even have a polished-stone sink now instead of the standard porcelain.

Duckboard Flooring is On Trend

Duckboard flooring is most often seen in quality saunas but also works well for your shower.

“Timber duckboard flooring has been used in boat building for years, and I think it’s making a comeback in bathrooms,” says interior designer Alexandra Donohoe.

Duckboard flooring adds a tactile finish to your bathroom and feels wonderful to stand on. You can use it for the floor of your shower, which would balance out the coldness of the tiles.

As you enjoy the extra couple of minutes of daylight we are getting each day and pondering your bathroom remodel, we hope these trends gave you some fun options to consider.