6 Stunning Natural Stone Countertop Choices

Choosing the right countertop for your new kitchen or bathroom can be one of the most exciting parts of the whole new construction or remodeling project. There are a wide variety of options available out there for almost every budget. Here are six ideas for you to consider.

Granite Countertops

Let’s just go ahead and start with everyone’s favorite option. Granite countertops have been around for a long time and are always an excellent choice. While they are some of the most expensive options, granite is known for their durability. They will take some special TLC to stay beautiful for the long haul, but they are a wise investment in your home.

Marble Countertops

This richly veined stone always brings an old world elegance to any room but has some downsides as far as the durability is concerned. While marble has an excellent heat resistance, it is porous and will stain if it is not properly sealed and studiously cleaned.

Slate Countertops

Slate is a highly solid stone that is non-porous and almost maintenance free. It can come in a variety of colors including green red, gray, purple, and black. Since it is a relatively soft stone, it is vulnerable to scratches, but these can easily be buffed out with steel wool. Another benefit to slate is that it can be fabricated into custom sinks to match your countertops. Naturally, slate has a soft, matte sheen that can be transformed into the “wet” look by rubbing it with lemon oil.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is also non-porous, which makes it highly stain and bacteria resistant. The color choices aren’t as varied as marble or granite; they come in a range of grays from light to dark, all with some subtle veining. Like slate, soapstone can be fabricated into sinks. Unlike other natural stone, however, soapstone doesn’t need yearly sealing, just regular application of mineral oil, which adds a sheen and helps deepen the stone’s color over time.

Travertine Countertops

Travertine is a warm natural stone that remains highly popular regardless of the high maintenance it requires. This stone has a pitted surface that you will have to fill and seal during installation. Otherwise, it will trap food and bacteria and also absorb liquids.

Lava Countertops

A unique, but highly functional choice, lava countertops are made from lava stone quarried from the site of volcano eruptions. Currently, most are being produced from craters in Auvergne, France, but other sources are being developed. Some of the benefits include being of course very heat resistant and durable. This countertop is not easily chipped or cracked and withstands stains and cleaners very well. The primary drawback of these countertops at present are their cost.