4 Ways to Prep Your Home This Fall

Autumn is upon us and before you can say “termination dust”, it’ll be time for snow. That’s why fall is such an important time for home maintenance and winter prep—there’s still enough good weather left to tend to outdoor maintenance and enough daylight to keep you feeling productive inside the home as well. At Alborn, we’re in the business of making your house into your dream home, but in the meantime, make sure to show your house some pre-winter TLC. To guide your autumn checklist, here are 4 ways to prep your home this fall:


1. Check your carbon monoxide detectors.

An unfortunate reality about Alaskan winters is the risk of a carbon monoxide leak from heating apparatus or other appliances. Not only is this an important consideration for your residential or commercial property AS 18.70.095.  actually mandates detectors be present and operational in any property being rented. Legal ramifications aside though, fall is a great time to check all of your CO detectors in your residential or commercial property. So, before heating use skyrockets in the colder months, be sure to run a test on your detectors, change out batteries, and replace any old detectors.

2. Check your seals.

There are many reasons to check the seals and insulation around your home, not the least of which is keeping costly warm air in and uncomfortable cold air out. According to Energy Star, other benefits include reducing noise pollution, keeping out allergens and controlling your home’s humidity level. Use the pre-freeze season, to get a good awareness of your home’s insulation and make any necessary repairs to make your heating dollars go further this winter.

3. Clean out your gutters.

Conventional wisdom is that this should be done twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall—and, depending on the size of your home, it can be a fairly quick process that can save you expensive repairs or cleanup due to water damage. So, grab a ladder and some rubber gloves and get your gutters prepped for the winter precipitation to come.

4. Tend to your fire pit.

Fire pits bring enjoyment throughout the summer and into the fall. But, to keep your pit operating and looking its best, you’ll want to have a cut-off date and be sure to store or protect it accordingly. If your pit is small and portable, store it appropriately in your garage or shed, away from precipitation and moisture. For those with heavy or non-portable pits, be sure it is covered and sealed properly to prevent your fire pit from becoming a spring birdbath.

As you complete your fall homecare inventory keep us in mind for any remodel needs. You work hard to take care of the house you have and we work hard to make it your dream home. Contact us today for a free estimate.