4 Ways to Get Maximum Utility from Your Space

Houses come in all sizes. Whether you’ve got a big, medium, or small home, organization is important in making your space enjoyable and useable. Bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, etc. all benefit from a coherent organization scheme. So, if you’re starting to feel cramped or just don’t like extra items laying around, here are 4 quick things to consider:U2HE5FVLQ0

1. Move storage to walls.

Armoires, chests of drawers, and shelving units are mainstays in your organization tool kit. But, too many of these items, can start to create a cluttered or stuffed feel in a room. Of course, you’ll want some form of larger storage, but when it comes to placing books or displaying knick-knacks, consider moving storage off the floor and on to the walls. Items like floating shelves create a clean minimal look while still providing needed storage.

2. Install shelving in closets

Not all closets come ready-made as organizational assets. If you find that your closets act as a place to shove things when guests come over, it may be a good time to install shelving and organization units in them. If you’re still finding that your closet is less useful than you’d like, you may need to enlist a professional to turn that hole in the wall into a walk-in closet.

3. Get creative with your furniture

In smaller rooms especially it may be a good idea to opt for smaller pieces of furniture. If you’re living room isn’t particularly large, a small side table can easily replace a large coffee table. Flat screen televisions should be mounted on walls whenever possible to create on open feel and provide more space for small storage units. In guest rooms it’s a good idea to opt for futons or sofa beds for a nimble and storable option.

4. Use what you have

All of the tips in the world don’t mean much if they are not properly utilized. If you find yourself with plenty of storage options and still feel cluttered and cramped, commit a small period of time every evening to picking up items and putting them away. If that sounds like too much, commit to a nightly number of items you’ll put away. By the end of the week, those three items a night will add up resulting in a cleaner space and incremental improvement.

If you’ve got a clear organization scheme in place and still feel cramped or like your space isn’t quite right, it may be time to remodel, or re-work your space in a more permanent way. Whatever it is, at Alborn we love taking your space and making it exactly what you envision. Contact us today for a consultation.