4 Waterproof Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Remodel in Anchorage, Alaska

Christmas may be just around the corner, but many of us are dreaming about and planning for the kitchen remodel project that we’re starting right after the holidays. If you are like many people, one of the most important factors is the flooring. It is one of the three core items including countertops and cabinets; that can make or break your kitchen remodeling project. We want to make sure that you love your flooring and it is as durable and worry free as we can make it. In the kitchen or the bathroom for that matter, it is important to make sure your flooring is going to withstand the many liquids that get spilled on it. Here are some ideas for waterproof flooring for your kitchen.

Luxe Plank Vinyl

If you want the beauty of stone or natural hardwood without the price tag, Luxe Plank Vinyl can deliver. It is amazingly waterproof and very durable, even for high traffic areas. It resists stains, scratches, and general wear and tear thanks to a thicker, enhanced urethane coating. It can even be laid down over existing flooring and is ideal for floors that are uneven.

Ceramic Title Flooring

Ceramic title is an excellent waterproof option for your kitchen and comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and prices. Ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of clay, minerals, and water. Floors that are glazed require very little maintenance and in general title will last for a long time. Title is considered to be a “healthier” option since it can improve your indoor air quality. High-temperature kilns are used to make tiles, so they carry little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are believed to contribute to a variety of health problems.

Cork Flooring

Cork is considered a sustainable material since it is made from tree bark that grows back after it is harvested. It is typically harvested every 8-10 years. Cork is an attractive choice if you are looking for a softer feel than wood or title. Interestingly enough, cork is waterproof because of its unique cellular structure but does need to be resealed every three to four years to prevent moisture from getting into the seams between the tiles.

Porcelain Title

Porcelain titles about made from super-fine sand-like clay and are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic titles, which makes them stronger than ceramic titles. They are denser and absorb less moisture so they can even be installed outside. Porcelain tiles are durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.

There are additional flooring options out there for your kitchen remodeling project, but hopefully, this will live you some ideas if you want true waterproof options. Call your local remodeling experts in Anchorage, Alaska to see which option would be the best for your home and budget.